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We are currently hiring at all locations for managers, assistant managers, and customer care representatives.

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    A job at TOP EDGE CAR WASH involves work that is:
    1. Demanding in all types of weather conditions found in our climate;
    2. Flexible in hours;
    3. In Top Edge fashion, routine, professional, systematic, found to be in a friendly, clean, and safe work environment;
    4. Consistently providing excellent customer service to everyone, a requirement of all employees
    As an employee of TOP EDGE CAR WASH, the following is expected of all employee:
    1. A personal appearance and image that is neat, clean, and meets uniform standards;
    2. A willingness to maintain a pleasant demeanor and countenance (smiling and polite), always ready to provide
    exceptional service to clientele.
    3. A sense of urgency to complete daily tasks while following SAFETY RULES, making sure safety is the first priority.
    4. A willingness to meet the demands and requirements of the job.

    I understand that if I am hired, my employment will be for no definite period of time. I further understand that I have the free will to terminate my employment at TOP EDGE CAR WASH at any time. I also understand that TOP EDGE CAR WASH has the right to terminate my employment at any time, with compliance to our EEO policy and OSHA regulations.
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    I authorize TOP EDGE CAR WASH to investigate my background. This inquiry would include information on my character and reputation. I further understand that TOP EDGE CAR WASH may contact my former employer(s) and I authorize those employers to disclose our records of my employment with them.
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    I certify that all information I have provided in this application is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that, should I be hired, and the information provided is found to be false or misleading, I will be immediately discharged/terminated.
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